I Love My Body, Mind And Soul

Yoga – The Real Way Of Life

Yoga For Kids- I Love My Body, Mind, And Soul
Teaching yoga to kids is a wonderful way of guiding them into a healthy lifestyle. From a young age, when you teach a child how to calm their mind, they become emotionally stable. Kids go through a lot of physical exertion; yoga helps them to relax and yet builds their strength.

Guidelines to Follow:-

Students! In this activity, you have to make a routine to perform different yoga poses everyday. For this, there are a few guidelines which you have to follow:

  • It is better to practice yoga in the morning with almost an empty stomach.
  • To practice yoga early in the morning, you must at least eat a fruit or some dry fruits half an hour before.
  • Before doing yoga have some liquid at least one hour before.
  • Always practice yoga on a carpeted floor or use a mat.
  • Breathe normally when you are in a resting position while practicing yoga.
  • Body movement should be smooth and slow.

So Kids spread your yoga mats and start your yoga session.

Here we have attached two reference video links.

Kids! You can make your videos while performing different yoga poses and share it with your class teachers and classmates.

Do Yoga and Enjoy Life!

3 thoughts on “I Love My Body, Mind And Soul”

  1. Aaradhya says:

    Great efforts dear . My daughter really enjoyed while attempting this quiz.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you 😇

  2. Interesting way to teach children about exercises.

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